We’re dateless because she’s desperate

Dear Ms Clark

Your attacks on John Key are becoming increasingly desperate and until you grant us the courtesy of telling us when you’re planning to hold the election we’re all dateless.

The desperation is of your own making; but chossing the election date shouldn’t be difficult.

The last possible day an election can be held is November 15th but the day before that is Canterbury Anniversary Day and also Show Day – the former is an opportunity for Canterbury people to have a break away and the latter attracts visitors from all over the country. That means a lot of people will be away from home so a lot more people would require special votes or not get round to voting at all.

Schools are on holiday from September 27 to October 13; a fornight later, October 27, is is Labour Day so you’ll want to avoid those weekends too.

Given that it takes about six weeks to hold an election the earliest possible date, if you announced it this week, is September 6th and if you’re not going to clash with holidays there are only two other Saturdays that month, the 13th or 20th; one in October, the 18th and two in November, the 1st and 8th.

That’s just six possiblities, how difficult is it to pick one of them?

Maybe you’ve already chosen the date and got your troops organising in secret to give you an advantage over the other parties because our system allows you to do that.

It’s also possible you haven’t yet decided in the hope that something will happen to help you and that too is your perogative.

I don’t expect you to worry about the people involved in other parties who are putting their lives on hold, not able to commit to doing things until they know whether they’ll be busy with the election.

But how about a little courtesy for the people organising weddings, reunions, sports events, social functions, conferences and all the other activities which go on every weekend and which will go much more smoothly if they’re not clashing with the election.

You might not care about them, but you might care that the longer you leave us dateless the more desperate you’ll be looking.

2 Responses to We’re dateless because she’s desperate

  1. Chris R says:

    I am picking 8th November for the election date. Until Clark discloses the date Key would be wise to maintain his party’s silence as to policy.

  2. mawm says:

    She’s waiting for Keys to break….and announce policy for her to either copy or become rabidly frothy abouth the mouth about.

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