National’s getting tougher on Peters

John Key reckons  Winston Peters owes us all an apology for misleading us over Owen Glenn’s donation towards his legal fees.

Mr Key said Mr Peters should apologise for misleading the public.

“He should admit he either wittingly or unwittingly misled the New Zealand public.”

It is possible that Peters didn’t know the Glenn had given the money towards his legal fees when he was first asked about a $100,000 donation. But if that is so his failure to check displays a lack of caution which is not appropriate in a Cabinet Minister; and his refusal to accept he benefitted from a donation to offset a legal bill which he would otherwise have had to pay is just pig ignorance.

Mr Key said there was no question that Mr Peter has benefited from the donations from Mr Glenn.

“If Owen Glenn had not made those donations to Winston Peters’ legal fund then Mr Peters would have been forced to meet that liability. Clearly there is a benefit.”

Mr Key said Miss Clark had failed to hold Mr Peters to the standard required of a minister.

“She hasn’t wanted to prosecute the issue, because if she had done so it may have left her in a difficult position when it comes to the arrangements of her Government, and this is not a prime minister who currently wants to face an election.”

Some have accused National also of being soft on Mr Peters, but Mr Key said he did not agree with this.

“We had no option but to accept Mr Peters’ word, even when it is completely contradicted by the email evidence.

“Now that he has made it clear he did receive a donation it is important he takes it to the next step and admits he gained from it.”

And it’s important to make it quite clear that this behaviour would not be acceptable from a Minister in a National-led government.

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