Is Turei taking over from Tanczos?

Nandor Tanczos was the Green face for decriminalising marijuana. Does this story  mean Metiria Turei has taken over his mantle?

Three students were arrested yesterday when Dunedin police swooped on a pro-marijuana stall on the University of Otago campus…

Green MP Metiria Turei, who was on campus and arrived at the scene towards the end of the incident, said the police response was over the top…

Ms Turei criticised police priorities.

“This was a phenomenal waste of police time. It is shocking behaviour for police just at a time when confidence in police is at an all-time low.”

While she had only arrived on the scene in “the last few minutes”, she said Gray’s treatment by police was “serious manhandling”.

“It looks very much like they are picking off young men who are running a political campaign.”

Another witness said the officers had not appeared heavy-handed in their treatment of those being arrested.

One Response to Is Turei taking over from Tanczos?

  1. Truthseeker says:

    Turei was a member of NORML years ago, I think. I’m not sure that has anything to do with objecting to what she saw as rough handling by the police. If the idiots were smoking dope on their stall, they deserved to be arrested. In any case, the Green Party isn’t promoting its harm reduction policy with respect to drugs. Many Greens are tired of having what they consider to be one minor policy getting in the way of broadening public support for other, much more important policies.

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