NBR goes digital

The NBR has launched a digital edition to provide an on-line version of the weekly paper.

It will give subscription-paid access to the entire content’s of the print edition from Augsut 8, but a free trial is available now.

The digital edition is a response to demand for the print edition to be available outside the main metropolitan distribution areas on Friday mornings.

I still prefer to read a real paper, it’s easier and faster because although we have wireless broaddband it only gives us 100mbps so downloading digital newspapers takes a while. 

But our print copy comes with the mail which arrives sometime after 1pm and if there’s been a distribution hitch it doesn’t always arrive with Friday’s mail. If we’re away for the weekend we sometimes read a copy on our travels but if we come home to a large pile of mail and papers then we don’t always have time to do justice to it.

That makes the digital edition more attractive so  we’ll have to toss up whether Friday morning access, to the on-line version, albeit with slow download, is better than a later print edition.

But if the various pledges by political parties and internet providers to bring fibre optic broadband to rural people become reality then the on-line version would almost certainly suit us better.

One Response to NBR goes digital

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Although it does not cover some NZ papers, I find my subscription to Press Display/Press Reader very useful, you can save the papers to read later, as well as being able to print items either to paper or PDF.

    I think the NBR costing is unrealistic when you can get the entire Economist and archive for Pds 55 per year


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