Nats ECE policy good for country kids

The National Party will allow parents of children at kohanga reo and playcentres to access early childhood education (ECE) subsidies which is good news for country families.

The existing policy, introduced by Labour, exempts parent-led centres and requires early childhood centres to have at least one registered pre-school teacher before parents get subsidies. That rules out virtually all centres in the country and small towns.

It is important to have high standards for education, but that should not arbiarily exempt parent-led centres, as the current system does.

2 Responses to Nats ECE policy good for country kids

  1. muz says:

    gee will those “teachers” be politically reliable in said small towns and country areas if they have not had the “approved training” from the state


  2. Inventory2 says:

    Agree wholeheartedly HP – the ECE service that Mrs I and myself own and run does a lot of its work in isolated areas – areas where there as few opportunities for participation in ECE. For us it is marginal at best, but our ethos is more about access than profit. It is demographic where the home-based ECE sector can provide services, although many of the big, commercially driven home-based providers won’t touch it with a barge-pole simply because it won’t make money. We don’t buy in to that theory – the bottom line is that Mrs I is passionate about what she does, and about providing opportunities for children to get quality ECE regardless of where they live. We are very encouraged by National’s ECE policy.


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