Brain Explosion

From Federated Farmers weekly email newsletter, Friday Flash, which is always interesting reading, comes this warning:

Brain explosion – Employers must consider the new phrase ‘brain explosion’ before dismissing employees for serious misconduct. Several recent cases have seen the phrase used as a defence and what’s more it has worked with employees being reinstated. Employers confronted with anything that might be referred to as a ‘brain explosion’ should call Federated Farmers for advice on procedural process before taking action.

A brain explosion sounds messy, but this warning suggests mishandling an employee who has one could be even messier.

2 Responses to Brain Explosion

  1. Truthseeker says:

    I haven’t Googled it yet, but the context may be related to an employer’s legal obligation to be aware of and deal with sources of stress in the work place. Being blind to stress until an employee “explodes” has real costs that are most often avoidable.


  2. Oliver says:

    Brain explosion – sounds like a pretty good omni-excuse to me.


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