Ode Upon an IPhone

It’s not quite earth has nothing to show more fair, (which, in case there is a student of literature about to pull me up, is the opening line of a sonnet not an ode), but Jim Hopkins  waxes lyrical on the IPhone:

Ahhhhh! The iPhone, that sighPhone
I need one, 3G
To be truly iCatching
– A real iPhoney!
With my shy high iTech
I’ll wi-fi all night
Consuming the world with
A big-gigabyte
I’ll download and upload
And open my portals
I’ll mega my pixels
To shame lesser mortals
I’ll snd pointlss txts
And compile my iTunes
And send sexy iPics
To lonely tycoons
Ahhhhh! iPhone! That sighPhone
The Apple I’m needin
One byte and I’m there!
In the Garden of Eden!!!!
An Adam of Apps
In a digital nation
A WAP-happy chappy
Set free from vexation!!!!!

One Response to Ode Upon an IPhone

  1. Michael Mouse says:

    good stuff. Here’s another one Iphone joy


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