Clark says EFA undemocratic

No, Helen Clark hasn’t seen the light. It’s Linda Clark and a Chapman Tripp colleague Andy Nicholls who point out the many defects in the Electoral Finance Act in The Listener.

…The EFA’s dampening effect on the current election campaign is so serious, it is anti-democratic.

I blogged about it here  when the magazine came out a couple of weeks ago and the whole article is now on-line here.

3 Responses to Clark says EFA undemocratic

  1. Truthseeker says:

    hp: It’s almost funny. The EFA knobbles politicians….and no one else. I have no spending limit….and could publish my own personal views on any subject in full page ads in ever newspaper in the country….but the pollies dare not speak their own names.

    Where is the one among them who will run a real campaign and damn to torpedoes? Gutless lot.


  2. homepaddock says:

    TS – You’re wrong, the minute you run an ad encouraging people to vote for or against a party you are caught in the tentacles of the EFA.

    And what’s good about gagging politicians anyway? Free speech applies to everyone or it’s not really free speech.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    The danger with rushed legislation, as the EFA was, is unintended consequences. The irony here is that the parties who are currently facing the possibility of sanctions for those unintended consequences are the parties who pushed so hard to have the legislation through the House before Christmas, despite the abundance of advice to the contrary. Ah well, you make your bed; you have to lie in it!


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