King’s record not as good as reputation

Annette King has generally been regarded as a “hard working and competent Minsiter”, but her record isn’t as good as her reputation:

* She created the mess in the health system that was passed to Pete Hodgson and then David Cunliffe.

* She presided over the Electoral Finance Bill & her only defence of the Act is attacks on Bill English.

*  And now she’s the cause of the truckers’ protest which is likely to bring the centres of all the main cities to a standstill on Friday morning.

3 Responses to King’s record not as good as reputation

  1. Inventory2 says:

    HP – don’t forget that she is hopelessly compromised by her hubby’s conduct over Baygate, and her not following the right processes when appointing Peter Hausmann to the Hawke’s Bay DHB. Cunliffe is being offered as a sacrificial lamb to protect her.

  2. And didn’t she blame crime on the full moon or something?

  3. homepaddock says:

    FM – so many blues it’s hard to remember them, but you’re right and a Google search on Annette King crime full moon hot weather resulted in heaps of links headed by this one:

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