Pope’s attack on Bassett’s book reminds me

Michael Bassett’s book Working With David, Inside the Lange Cabinet,  is sitting on my books-to-read shelf so I read this attack on the book and its author by Margaret Pope  with interest. It reminded me of an incident after a celebrity debate in Queenstown about 18 years ago.

Garrick Tremain and David Lange were in opposing teams and in ribbing Lange, Tremain blamed him for his (Tremain’s) wife not letting him have a secretary.

Lange took it with a grin but after the debate Pope went up to Tremain and abused him in very basic language for what he’d said.

2 Responses to Pope’s attack on Bassett’s book reminds me

  1. hp: If I had to choose between Bassett and Pope as to which was likely providing the more accurate account, I’d go with Pope. ….. Pope has always been modest and humble.


    More and more often I’m seeing the issue of integrity brushed over….as though it doesn’t matter. That’s very Republican. Very Bush. Very wrong.

    [I have deleted part of your comment. Please be careful about what you say about people and how you say it, I don’t want this blog used for personal or potentially defamatory attacks – homepaddock]

  2. Ed Snack says:

    HP, If I had to chose between the honesty and integrity of Bassett and Pope, I have to say that I can’t easily put Pope’s name on the same sheet of paper as honesty and integrity. Steve says “modest and humble”, all I can say is that you must have either met a different Pope or use a different definition of accuracy. Integrity has indeed been brushed over, but it would appear that we differ on by whom.

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