Feeling the heat

Kathryn Ryan wore a sleeveless dress on Agenda  this morning while I  watched, still feeling cold in three layers of merino clothing.

Is it really that hot under the lights in a TV studio, or could TVNZ turn down the heating and save enough power to let the rest of us choose our own lightbulbs?

4 Responses to Feeling the heat

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Flippin’ cold in Wangavegas too HP – we live out by the beach, and the Tasman is quite a sight today – waves breaking as far as the eye can see. I wonder what the power savings figures will be today for the “power crisis that isn’t” – what I saw on 3News last night about Lake Hawea looked pretty grim.


  2. hp: I’m sorry to see you olling out the light bulb talking point. Changing to CFLs and high efficiency bulbs will save new Zealand 20% of all power presently consumed. That is equivalent to THREE Project Aqua’s (520Mw each) we will not have to build. The power we won’t use will save us all collectively $500 million on our power bills.

    To portray this as a bad thing is frankly disgusting and short-sighted of the National Party and their media allies at the NZ Herald and Fairfax. It smells too much like the party-first hackery of the US Republicans who put themselves ahead of their country.

    The very same week none of these newspapers reported that numbers on the unemployment benefit have hit a 30 year low in New Zealand.

    I can understand supporting a party, but I can’t understand blind party hackery that ignores reality.


  3. homepaddock says:

    Inventory – hope you’re wearing wool to keep warm. Someone from Hawea rang me to say how concerned locals are about the lake yesterday and I’ve just posted on that.

    Truthseeker – I’m not against using the bulbs, and do so already for several lights in the house. What I object to is being forced to use them in general and because they’re not bright enough for some uses in particular. I use them in the ceiling light by the computer, but have to supplement that with a reading light as well if I’m reading a book or paper.

    Labour hasn’t learned that sometimes education and gentle persuasion are better than compulsion.


  4. Inventory2 says:

    Steve Withers said “I can understand supporting a party, but I can’t understand blind party hackery that ignores reality.”

    Steve, if you don’t understand it, why do you indulge in it?


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