Thank You Air NZ

We had used airpoints to upgrade our economy fares to business class for our flight home from Australia yesterday.

When we got to the counter we got the good news-bad news story: we had been upgraded but the unexpected absence of a staff member meant we might not get the normal level of service. However, to compensate for this we’d get vouchers which we could redeem for air points or Air New Zealand services.

When we boarded, the flight attendent greeted us with more apologies and explanations and thanks to her efficient and friendly attention we were more than happy with the service. We also appreciate the vouchers ($60 worth each).

Air New Zealand exceeded our expectations and gets full marks for service, communciation and compensation.

One Response to Thank You Air NZ

  1. truthseekernz says:

    I have generally had good experiences on Air NZ. I have flown on much worse airlines (Air Canada and United) in recent years. Every flight I have made on Air Canada in recent years has stood out in my mind due to at least one bitchy flight attendant.

    Canadian and US airlines tended to reserve for business class passengers services that were available to everyone on Air NZ, Singapore airlines and Malaysian Airlines; seat-back TV with lots of choice, etc. A flight to Asia was always much more pleasant than a flight to North America. Hopefully this has changed.


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