EFA Opponents’ Court Bid Fails

The bid for a judicial review of the Attorney General’s decision not to raise BIll of Rights issues in the EFA when it was considered by Parliament, has been struck out by the High Court.

Update: Kiwiblog has a fuller report and response.

6 Responses to EFA Opponents’ Court Bid Fails

  1. truthseekernz says:

    Note the heading in the box to the right of the story you link to:

    “Democracy under Attack”.

    Utter drivel.

    The report also does not say why the legal move failed.


  2. homepaddock says:

    The Herald groups everything on the EFA under that umbrella.

    I haven’t beena ble to find a fuller report which give details on the reasons for the ruling.


  3. truthseekernz says:


    I’m getting sick of the Herald, frankly. Their recent series on how the evil government is taking away people’s dimmer switches and chandeliers (while saving 20% of all power consumed within the next 2 years and saving us all $500 million) is little short of disgusting.

    They also made no mention I can find of what – to me – is a huge story: The number of people on the unemployment benefit is the lowest in almost 30 years (1979) at 17,465.

    The rule is now very clear: Say nothing good about the present government and if you can’t avoid it, make it look like something bad.

    I wouldn’t care if they weren’t the ONLY newspaper in Auckland, acting as the sole gateway by which most newspaper-reading Aucklanders get their news.


  4. truthseekernz says:

    I should add: I don’t even vote for Labour.

    I wouldn’t care what party the Herald chose to mislead us about.

    My issue is with the misleading.


  5. homepaddock says:

    The Herald has attacked the EFA consistently as bad law – I happen to agree with them on this, but even if I didn’t they have a right to do so.

    That the paper has anti-Government stories doesn’t mean its biased – it’s another problem with third termitis: there’s just so much to criticise:)


  6. truthseekernz says:


    I would never claim the EFA was good law. It clearly has some problems that need fixing. But it got the most important bits right:

    1. Bringing the secret millions of the National Party out into the daylight.
    2. Making participants in election advertising / publicity accountable for thwat they say and do.

    To some extent, the National party and David Farrar have made things worse than they need have been by preferring maximum pedantry in interpreting the law instead of the common sense that should have prevailed.

    That approach is understandable, though, as it distracts people from the major issue for National: exposing their donors.

    Conservative election campaigns worldwide tend to be bait and switch campaigns as most voters would not knowingly vote for the policies that lurk in the background. It’s a strategy forced on conersatives worldwide becasue they understand people don’t actually want their policies, so they need to employ other means to win votes. Bush did the same thing in 2000 and 2004…..including outright lies about his budget and plans for Social Security and Medicare. It was obvious at the time he was lying, but people just couldn’t bring themselves to believe he was blatantly telling monster porkies. Plus most voters don’t understand the issues – in concept or in detail – so are easily fooled.

    We’re seeing the same strategy here on tac cuts. First proposed as “giving people back their money” when there were surpluses and now with surpluses being unlikely, they are now advanced as a boost for the economy….entirely inappropariately.

    It’s almost sad watching national do the bait and switch now that Bush did in 2000 and knowing the consequences will be the same…….and people don’t know enough to understand how bad that will actually be.

    I told you so’s aren’t much use, either. The damage is done.


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