Does He Know What’s He’s Saying?

Week after week I read Chris Trotter’s columns in which the far left is right and everyone else is wrong and wonder which class bound time and place he’s living in.

But every now and then he counfounds me with a statement like this:

Only when South Auckland’s Maori and Pasifika youth understand that aspiration and effort have always paid higher dividends than resentment and envy, will its racially-motivated crime- wave come to an end.

Does he realise that this is why John Key, and before him, Don Brash, place so much importance on education and are so concerened about the problems which stem from welfare dependency and the soft bigotry of low expectations?

4 Responses to Does He Know What’s He’s Saying?

  1. truthseekernz says:

    A National Party that saw education as important would make a nice change. National’s real-world history of running down school infrastructure, trying to cut funding via bulk funding, moving to a regime that held tertiary education was a personal asset paid for by huge debt and interest-bearing student loans….and so on….tends to undermine any fine sounding words on the topic for people with memories.

    Raumati Beach school, where daughters went in the late 90s, only got money to fix the broken boys toilet and repair the roof after Labour took office. It was a disgrace what happened to many schools during that period.

  2. underground says:

    Agree 100% with truthseekernz, the idea that National really care about the education of New Zealand’s masses is a myth. It’s unfortunate the majority of New Zealander’s live with political amnesia!

  3. homepaddock says:

    Why wouldn’t National care about education? It’s the basis of a happier, safer, healthier and wealthier society.

  4. underground says:

    Those may be its stated aims, but often its actions run contrary to those aims. Truthseekernz’s examples illustrate this reality well. Not that I believe Labour has been a hell of lot better recently…

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