IRD Doesn’t Trust Labour with EFA

Oh dear – even the IRD is wary  of Labour contravening the EFA.

Inland Revenue canned a KiwiSaver brochure because of fears it would be used for electioneering, despite at the time saying it was pulled for commercial reasons.

 National Party deputy leader Bill English tabled in Parliament today IRD emails that showed the brochures were pulled because they were deemed to be to political.

“I remain concerned that in the current environment it (the KiwiSaver brochure) leans too far towards the promotional,” one IRD adviser said in an email.

The emails show that officials were concerned about the possibility of politicians using IRD material for electioneering.

In response to questions from the media, IRD decided to say it was producing material as usual and to not reveal the reasons it had canned the brochure.

To add to Labour’s woes, the Electoral Commission is being asked whether press releases on the Beehive website contravene the EFA.

As No Minister  says: But what fun that such a dogs breakfast of an act is biting most the very people responsible for it!

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