English New Feds Head

Conor English has been appointed CEO of Federated Farmers.

He started his career as a sheep, cattle, crop and forestry farmer and has also worked in business, lobby groups and the Beehive.

All very helpful for his new role, but what will the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Theorists, who like to think Feds is just the National Party in gumboots, make of the fact he’s Bill English’s brother?

Hat Tip: The Hive

2 Responses to English New Feds Head

  1. poneke says:

    Of more concern to me is his wife, Jo Coughlan, who I voted for as a local councilllor for Wellington City Councillor last October. Last week I saw her campaigning against public transport. She might hate buses, but I catch them every day. She won’t be getting my vote next time, that is for sure.


  2. truthseekernz says:

    The English’s are clearly an accomplished and well-connected family with a consistent set of political principles. Whether those principles are valid or not will be proven over time.

    I wonder if they have any capacity for re-exmaining their beliefs in the event of failure? I guess we’ll find that out, too.


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