Broadband pitiful


Japanese telecoms entrepreneur  Sachio Semmoto told Helen Clark three years ago that New Zealand’s broadband was pitiful.

Semmoto praises Communications Minister David Cunliffe for tackling Telecom. “It had to be done”.

But he’s critical of the Government’s recent Budget announcements: The $340 million Digital Pathway Fund will still not be sufficient to fast forward the switch in emphasis needed to get New Zealand on to a better broadband platform, he says. Its focus on fibre – when many advanced societies are switching to greater use of mobile technologies – needs to be balanced.

New Zealand will simply “get killed” if it does not tackle such issues swiftly and build a speedy information highway to connect to nations with which it wants to do business.

If he’s not impressed by city broadband speeds he’d been even less impressed in the country.


We’ve got wireless broadband at home which gives us 100Mbps. The crib in Wanaka has dial up at half that and I had a laptop in Millers Flat last Friday where dial up was just 15Mbps.

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