Greens want Fonterra to subsidise consumers

Green co-leader Jeannete Fitzsimons has called on Fonterra to drop the price of milk on the domestic market.

“Today I want to issue a challenge to Fonterra. Show us you are a good Kiwi company. “Give something back to the country that has provided you with a great climate, cheap energy and hard working farmers that have allowed you to become so successful.

“Sell your products in New Zealand at a price our people can afford.”

Why just Fonterra, Jeanette? The farmers’ share  is only 35% or about three glasses, of a two litre bottle of milk. If you want consumers to be subsidised by the processor and producer why not the retailers, wholesalers, transporters and everyone else involved in getting the milk from the paddock to the shelf?

  And if you want us to subsidise you when the price is high, are you going to subsidise us when it’s low?

Oh yes, you do want to subsidise growers:

 Ms Fitzsimons also advocated a return to more traditional styles of producing food, including government subsidies for communal vegetable gardens, farmers’ markets and for schools to grow more fruit trees and vegetables.

 Where does the money from these subsidies come from? Ah yes, the tax payers, who just happen to be the same New Zealanders who Jeanette worries can’t afford food. And will this improve productivity and make food more affordable? No.

 Update: No Minister is not impressed by this suggestion either.









2 Responses to Greens want Fonterra to subsidise consumers

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Neither is Adam impressed, see


  2. […] only a few months since Jeanette Fitszimons was asking Fonterra to subsidise consumers because of steep rises in the price of dairy products on the domestic market. I doubt she’ll […]


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