No one will pay Kyoto liability


During a discussion on Kyoto Commitments on Nine to Noon’s  political slot on Monday, Matthew Hooton says Canada has announced it won’t pay its Kyoto liabilities and that no other country will either.


I have been unable to find any other reference to this but the machinations over our Emissions Trading Scheme point to the difficulties which arise when principle meets politics and the people realise they’re going to have to pay. So it doesn’t surprise me that at least one country is already balking at paying and that others will follow suit.


As Matthew points out, it is ridiculous to impose costs on production here which force businesses to move to China where carbon emissions will increase; and any Finance Minister who agreed to pay million, maybe billions of dollars to another country for its Kyoto liability would lose the next election. It would be a hard sell if it actually made a positive difference to carbon emissions but when it will make them worse it is stupid to even try.


Politicians everywhere need to admit that the Kyoto Protocol is badly flawed and take a whole of world approach to the environment.


In the meantime we could start working in tandem with Australia so that our producers and manufacturers are playing by the same rules as our major trading partner.

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