Not very bright


Fran O’Sullivan understands why Labour wants to play with trains:

The problem is that this is really an election year move by the Labour-led Government to try and make ownership of state assets a campaign issue.


And what they should have done instead:

If the Government was truly serious about strengthening the role sustainable transport will play in a carbon-constrained future it would not have stymied plans for regional councils to apply local fuels taxes to fund projects like the $500 million proposal to electrify the Auckland suburban rail network.

As it is it has mopped up an out-of-date railway with taxpayers’ cash – but effectively put a blocker in the way of proposals that would get more people out of cars.

Not a very bright outcome really.

 No, but playing politics rather than running the country isn’t.



… when I had to get up early, was I awake at 12.03, 1:27, 3:17 and 4:32 but sound a sleep when the alarm went off at 5:20?

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