What a surprise – Government advertising increases in election year

April 29, 2008


Today’s ODT has three full page advertisements for Kiwisaver. It seems a lot, especially in light of Bill English’s press release about the Government ramping up spending on advertising in election year:

March 2003      $3,235,752     
March 2004      $4,096,347     
March 2005      $7,922,172     
March 2006      $7,188,466     
March 2007      $6,147,948     
March 2008      $8,098,723     
Source: Nielsen Media Research



The usual increase in spending is more notable this year because political parties and other groups are so hamstrung by the Electoral Finance Act.



Tax Freedom Day

April 29, 2008

Today is Tax Freedom Day: Stuff

We now spend 19 more days working to pay our taxes than in 2001 and if local government and other government spending were added Tax Freedom Day would be June 4.

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