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September 14, 2014

Douceur – a financial inducement or bribe; money given as a gratuity or tip.

Is Labour still a major party?

September 6, 2014

What differentiates the major parties from the minor ones?

The number of members, the number of MPs and the ability to stand candidates in every electorate would be a good start.

Labour got a boost in membership from its leadership contest last year but any reports I’ve seen don’t number its members in 10s of thousands.

It is the party with the second most MPs in parliament and even the worst polls don’t suggest it will come third.

But  Matthew Beveridge has a tweet from Colmar Brunton showing how the Labour and Green Party votes have been converging.

Labour does still field candidates in all electorates but reopening of selections suggests it had trouble getting candidates in some electorates and there are questions over the ability of several.

The Rangitata candidate Steven Gibson was forced to apologise after calling John Key Shylock and Gordon Dickson in neighbouring Selwyn does his party and himself no credit with this bizarre email to Radio Live’s Lloyd Burr:

It must be hard for Labour to get good candidates in the bigger blue seats it has no chance of winning because of the extra difficulty and cost of campaigning in bigger areas.

Every party takes a risk with new candidates but the behaviour of these two suggests Labour might have been better without them.

However, being unable to field candidates in every seat would be a sign Labour is in danger of losing its claim to being a major party.

National working for and in the south #17

September 4, 2014

Fantastic Fact # 17:

National working for and in the south #20

September 2, 2014

Fantastic Fact # 20:

Synthetic carpet not natural choice

August 26, 2014

This isn’t good news for wool growers:

Cavalier Corporation’s move into selling synthetic carpets into the New Zealand market is producing better returns than expected, as the group waits for better Australian trading and a fall in the kiwi dollar.

But this is better:

NZ wool carpet sales at the mid to upper ends of the market are also strong, with market share gains being achieved. . .

Synthetic isn’t the natural choice for carpets and it’s not good for the wool industry.

But wool has a good story in a world looking for greener products.

Wool is a natural, renewable fibre grown in New Zealand on free range animals.

If it can’t compete with synthetics at the bottom end of the market, it must have an advantage at the middle and top where people might be prepared to put their money where their desire for a cleaner, greener world is.

Working for NZ

August 24, 2014

While most economic indicators were improving, unemployment remained stubbornly high.

But the tide has now changed.

Unemployment is falling – in Otago it’s down to around the unemployable.

Government policies including more flexible employment law and careful financial management which has resulted in low interest rates and lower taxes has helped.

If National wins a third term the trend of lower employment, more jobs and higher wages will continue.

Stick with our programme of responsible economic management to keep NZ on the right track. ntnl.org.nz/1w34xEk #Working4NZ

If we get a Labour/Green/NZ First/Internet Mana government, taxes and interest rates will increase, employment law will be made less flexible, business will become more difficult and businesses will lose the confidence they need to increase their workforce and wages.

With a third-term  National-led government working for New Zealand more New Zealanders will be working.

Jordan Campbell's photo.

Conservative’s gain NZ First’s loss?

August 7, 2014

The Conservative Party has a new high profile candidate:

Sensible Sentencing Trust founder Garth McVicar has decided to stand for the Conservative Party in this year’s election.

The announcement was made today, meaning Mr McVicar will be standing aside as the trust’s co-national spokesman. . .

This follows the weekend’s announcement that Christine Rankin would stand in Epsom.

If the Conservatives gain from this the likely loser will be New Zealand first which usually campaigns on tougher welfare policies and more family-friendly policies which would be Rankin’s territory and  longer sentences and better support for victims which  McVicar promotes.


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