No sex please, he’s Paddington

November 19, 2014

Michael Bond, the author of the Paddington Bear books is upset that UK censors warned parents the new film based on his beloved bear contains sexual “innuendo” and “bad language”.

Censors at the British Board of Film Classification have given the Paddington movie a Parental Guidance (PG) certificate because it features “dangerous behaviour, mild threat, innuendo, infrequent mild bad language”.

The news has upset Michael Bond, the writer behind the original book series, and he fears he may be in for a nasty surprise when he eventually sees the film based on his creation. . .

Censors issued the guidelines based on a scene in the film in which a villain “threatens to kill and stuff” Paddington Bear and a comical moment when a man dressed as a woman is flirted with by another man. . .

If that’s all it is, it’s pretty mild but if it’s not suitable for children of all ages I have a lot of sympathy for Bond.

The books were delightful and innocent, surely it wouldn’t be too hard for the film to be that way too.

Sex sells but so do good stories and it should be possible to be true to the spirit of book, including its innocence,  in taking it from the page to the screen.

Richard Attenborough 29.8.23 – 24.8.14

August 25, 2014

British actor and film director Richard Attenborough has died.


Oscar-winning British film director Richard Attenborough has died at the age of 90, his son has said.

Lord Attenborough was one of Britain’s leading actors, before becoming a highly successful director.

In a career that spanned six decades, he appeared in films including Brighton Rock, World War Two prisoner of war thriller The Great Escape and later in dinosaur blockbuster Jurassic Park.

As a director he was perhaps best known for Gandhi, which won him two Oscars. . . .



Hello again Pork Pie

July 1, 2014

The 1981 movie Goodbye Pork Pie  made a comeback today with MINI New Zealand releasing its remake of the films iconic Lake Hawea chase scene.

The scene, which features a number of ‘new originals’ including a new Director, new cast and the all new MINI Hatch in place of the original 1978 model, has been created to celebrate the launch of the new model released to the New Zealand market in April.

MINI Marketing Manager Simonne Mearns says the remade scene is the perfect ‘launch vehicle’ for the new MINI Hatch.

“The latest MINI is full of a number of new features – enough to warrant us making a big scene about it. Which is exactly what we did.”

“Goodbye Pork Pie was the perfect fit for MINI. There is definitely a little ‘Blondini’ inherent in the brand; we like to test the boundaries and push the limits, and a cheeky attitude is part of MINI’s ethos.”

“In addition, like the Blondini Gang, we are always up for the challenge – which in this case was remaking one of the tougher, but more iconic scenes from what is one of New Zealand’s most-loved movies. We are stoked with the result and hope Kiwis will enjoy it,” she says.

This is a feeling that shared by remake director Matt Murphy who thinks “that most New Zealanders will be intrigued by the remade scene. The image of the new volcanic orange MINI being chased by a replica police car somehow translates to the original movie really easily. At the same time, it is also new.”

In responding to what he believes his father might think of the remade scene, Murphy says, “My father knows of the project. You’ll have to ask him what he thinks, but I’d say he’s chuffed that the Pork Pie story still generates a significant following.” . .  .

You can watch the remake and a behind the scenes video here.

You can watch it on YouTube and here’s the original trailer:

My first car was a mini so Goodbye Pork Pie had particular resonance for me.

I can remember the determination to take the car to Invercargill – but does anyone remember why they wanted to go there?

And the Oscar for . . .

March 3, 2014

. . . having seen none of the Oscar winning movies goes to me.

The last film I remember watching was The Angel’s Share which I enjoyed, but I think that was more than a year ago.

12 Years a Slave won Best Picture, Matthew McConaughey won Best Actor for his role in   Dallas Buyers Club and Cate Blanchett won Best Actress for her role in Blue Jasmine.

The full list of winners of the 86th Academy Awards is here.


Dairy farmer scores film win

December 17, 2013

Tweet of the day:

Federated farmers commenting on the news James Cameron is to make three Avatar films in New Zealand.

Monty Python Flying Circus will fly again

November 20, 2013

More than 30 years after its last show, Monty Python is coming back:

The original members of Monty Python will reunite more than 30 years after the comedy troupe last worked together.

John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Michael Palin will officially announce their reformation at a London press conference on Thursday. The five surviving members have reportedly been in months of secret talks about getting the Flying Circus back on the road. . . .

Could it be as good in reprise as it was in retrospect?

Clicking on the link above will take you to a link to the show’s five best sketches.





The surviving members of Monty Python, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, Eric Idle and Michael Palin have agreed to reunite for a new stage show

Jane Henson 1934 -2013

April 3, 2013

Jane Henson, who with her future husband and fellow puppeteer Jim Henson was instrumental in bringing the Muppets to life in the 1950s on a TV station in Washington, D.C., died Tuesday at her home in Greenwich, Conn., after a long battle with cancer. . .

I came across the theme song before I ever saw The Muppets.

One of my flatmates sang beautifully and one night on the way home we stopped to play the flax behind the Otago University registry building in Leith Street- as you do when it’s been raining and you can make a wonderful sound by sliding your fingers along them.

Not content with just doing that, the musical flatmate started singing the Muppet Song to our accompaniment on the flax.

I’ve just re-read that and will excuse you if you don’t quite get the picture – or the song. I think it was better at the time than in the re-telling.

My next encounter with The Muppets was television replays when our daughter was young. She loved the programme, not just watching it but singing and dancing with the characters.

It was also a useful tool for letting her know how long a journey would be – the trip to Dunedin was one and a half Muppet shows.

I was very sorry to read of  Jane Henson’s death but I hope those who mourn her will be comforted by the lovely legacy she’s left in The Muppets.


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