Opposition still want to tax and spend

Opposition parties’ announcements on housing confirm they haven’t learned from the global financial crisis, the mistakes of the labour-led governments of the noughties and their loss at the 2011 election.

They still want to tax and spend.

Prime Minister John Key said in his opening speech to parliament yesterday:

On this side of the House, where we have ideas and where we have plans, and where big success is not just stumbling over the autocue, we have four key priorities. No. 1 is responsibly managing the Government’s finances. That means living within your means. That means New Zealand earning a living. That means being sensible with taxpayers’ money. . .

Let us go back to getting back to surplus. On this side of the House we know that, when it comes to spending, Labour and the Greens are the Usain Bolt of spending.

They are the world champions when it comes to spending. Nothing has changed, and they will continue, given half a chance, to do it again. They cannot help themselves. Every time they open their mouths, they either get it wrong or they spend money they do not have. Those are the only answers they have got. . .

But the ODT points out the public appetite for such disregard for other people’s money has dulled:

. . . the Opposition parties, all of them, need to adopt a dose of common sense and realism if they are to make an impression. Although many voters have a wish list, not many want their taxes to increase to pay for such policies.

It’s easy enough to promise to give people what they think they want. It’s much harder to get them to accept paying for it.

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